Golden Stevia Pro 1kg

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Gluteeni-, laktoosi, GMO-vaba


Usage for Food industry production (Drinks, Pickled, Ketchup, Jam, Dairy products, Jelly, Baking, Cakes etc)

Stevia Extract- Rebaudioside A97

Sweet white powder extract from the leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana plant

1:350 x sweeter

300-400 times sweeter

Ingridents: 100% Steviol Glycosides

Component: Dried Leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni

  • Organic farming
  • No bitter after taste
  • No fillers
  • Zero Glycemic Index
  • Safe for diabetics
  • GMO-Free

Distribution: www.goldenstevia.com, info@goldenstevia.com, mob. +372 564 88 888

Production: China


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